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health care breakthrough

Posted: Wed, Jan 21, 2009

By Taylor Dickinson

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Finally, someone gets it. Alain Enthoven recognizes that physician owned, risk-bearing, medical partnerships which forgo fee-for-service are the cornerstone upon which an equitable and sustainable healthcare system can be built. Moreover, a full tax credit to every household takes reform one step further. It establishes universal access: choice of healthcare, at one fair price, in one risk pool. People gain the right to unfettered access to their own healthcare.

There is an added benefit. Business is relieved of healthcare’s burden. This shift in financial responsibility is a de facto economic stimulus. Business costs are cut across the full spectrum of American industry. This boost to productivity will allow industry to compete effectively at home and abroad. The benefits of this economic stimulus will extend long into the future.

Thoughtful legislation may allow the Obama Presidency to make healthcare reform the linch-pin in our economic recovery.

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