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About Taylor Dickinson, M.D.

Taylor Dickinson has practiced medicine in many different settings. Born in Canada, a graduate of Mcgill University, he trained in Boston in Infectious Disease. He returned to Canada to teach and pursue research at McMaster University.

While living in Ontario, the Canadian government organized socialized medicine. He returned to the United States where, as Head of Infectious Disease in Harlem Hospital, he served an inner-city population in New York. He is currently in private practice.

Dr. Dickinson has written numerous articles on the subject of healthcare reform in the US.

In 2003, Dr. Dickinson published a book titled "Medicine, its Marketplace, and the American Dream." The book is available for free download from

The articles and other content on this web site are a continuation of ideas put forth in this book.

Please feel free to write to Taylor Dickinson with your comments and suggestions.