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The report of the Conference on Healthcare Reform held in January of 2010 is now Published. The article, The Physician as Solution (PDF 1 MB) is posted with permission from the Group Practice Journal. Copyright 2010 American Medical Group Asociation. For other articles of interest, visit AMGA'S website at

Universal care requires a reorganized physician-patient relationship if it is to succeed. Providing people with a 100% tax credit to purchase care from insurance providing physician partnerships will work.


Healthcare is about human life

This reality must be at the core of reform. Its objective should be universal care.

The essential problem in healthcare is not cost, but price. Fiscal responsibility for healthcare belongs to physicians and patients. The key for patients is to protect sufficient personal income to purchase health insurance. This requires innovation. Rather than government confiscate income to pay for health care, let it freeze a portion of individual tax liability to be used exclusively to purchase personal comprehensive healthcare insurance. This Tax Preserved Healthcare Access fulfills government’s social compact with its people to provide universal healthcare. It does so without involving itself in the actual processes of medical care. By providing people with this means to purchase care the dynamics of the healthcare marketplace change dramatically. Business is not involved and Universal Care is no longer synonymous with government control. Protection of ones health becomes an individual responsibility.

But in this new found marketplace medicine must reorganize. Physicians must form full-risk partnerships which forgo fee-for-service. Under this arrangement successful outcomes insure financial success.

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